FCA provides an extensive range of end to end business solutions to selected market segments.
FCA provides the “Best of Breed” technology to ensure that there is a value added and worthwhile service to the customer.

Backup & DR

  • Backup and disaster recovery is probably the most import aspect of any IT solution.
  • We have a range of products that can be customised to your exact requirements.
  • We offer various solutions from backup local backups to offsite replications to standby servers.
  • Let us give you peace of mind by managing your backups while you get on with running your business.
  • Some of the product brands that we support are shown below.

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  • Connectivity generally causes the most frustration for end-users.
  • We have partnered with most of the major ISP and have a range of solutions to get you connected to the internet.
  • We can also handle redundant/failover connectivity as well as secure VPN links for remote sites/users.
  • Let us manage the bandwidth; and your “end-user experience” will be making the best use of your available bandwidth.
  • Please refer to our “Security service” for more details on monitoring, managing and securing your internet connection.

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Email & Collaboration

  • Email and a collaboration tool are both essential for business communication to work.
  • We have two email solutions that offer business class functionality.
    • “Microsoft Exchange Online” for customers wanting to add on services to their Microsoft Office365 packages.
    • Or “Microsoft Hosted Exchange” (hosted by our “FCA Hosted” division) for customers wanting to ensure their data is kept in country.
  • We have add-on services for security, search, spam filtering and archiving.
  • We also have high-availability services to ensure you are always up and running.
  • We offer collaboration using “Microsoft Skype for Business” and “Microsoft Sharepoint”.

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Hardware & Software

  • Improved hardware and updated software are required to keep most businesses running smoothly.
  • We aim to be a “one stop IT shop” – supplying everything from printer cartridges to new servers.
  • We work hard to ensure that our customers always get the best value for money on their purchases.
  • We have standardised on a lot of good quality components that we know will “just work”.
  • Some of product brands that we support are shown below.

Network Hardware




Backup Software

Notebooks, Desktops and Servers


Software (USB & NAS)



  • IT security has become an extremely important aspect of IT in a globally connected world.
  • We have various endpoint protection services to protect your systems from viruses, malware and ransomware.
  • We are also able to secure your internet connection and wireless networks.
  • We can provide solutions to control and monitor when users have access and what they have access to.
  • Let us encrypt your data and access data rights transparently.
  • We can also provide “Risk intelligence and vulnerability” scans so you know the value of your potential risks.

Technical Services

  • The “Technical services” department is there to deal with day-to-day problems.
  • The solution is heavily customisable and we can easily work with your business processes and expectations.
  • These can be implemented as pro-active monitoring to ensure things are working correctly., or reactive services where you only log problems and we attend.
  • Our expert staff will get your IT management costs under control quickly, and then keep them running smoothly.


  • VOIP has been proven to be cheaper than traditional PBX system.
  • We offer VOIP PBX solutions to bring outgoing call costs down and eliminate inter-branch call costs.
  • You can host your own conference rooms and even have a “virtual receptionist” to direct calls.
  • We work with multiple providers to ensure that your customers will always have a way to contact you.

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