By Thobani Mntambo


While 2020 was a challenging year, there was a move in the FinTech industry where an accounting firm and an IT Firm joined forces to mark what is proving to be the most inspired merger in FinTech this decade.

Think about this for a minute, 1.2.3. Consulting – bringing a new-age approach to business, where all your financial needs are met in a way that is
simple, smart, and stress-free. Then bring that together with First Consulting Alliance – embodying an ability and versatility to adapt to a radically &
continuously changing market in 4 uncomplicated steps. Analyze, identify areas of value, present a solution, and sustain value. All of this through cutting edge technology. Offering it to businesses at every level, from entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals and NGOs.

You are probably wondering to yourself about the level of trust you should invest in this merger and the team that comes with it. Wonder no more…
Since its establishment in 1988, FCA has come to support over 2000 users/devices spread across 80+customers in the IT sector. Since the beginning of time, one crucial element has been at the epicenter of how they conduct business: In a world where technology is becoming more and more prevalent, they have kept it about the human being first. This naturally leads us to 1.2.3. Consulting as this is one of the many common values and belief systems shared by the two companies.

The 1.2.3. team is not your average set of accountants. For the last 25 years, they have been offering services from tax to management accounting to internal audits while building the expertise to meet and exceed any and every financial need. They have national reach through offices spread all over SouthAfrica and a global reach through TGS Global who are in over 70 international offices. With both firms being this professional and dynamic, their evolution into a FinTech powerhouse poises them for nothing less than a sustained upward trajectory.
So, what does this mean for you, the customer? Why is this merger such a big deal? Well:

  • Expanded resources.
  • Increased expertise (breadth and depth of staff knowledge).
  • Bandwidth for a better than excellent customer experience.
  • Expanded accounting service & software.
  • Document Management, eCommerce as well as compliance and Data Analytics.

Both businesses have come a long way in their respective industries, but wait until you see what they can do together! It is something that can only be described through a single hashtag #StrongerTogether!

I encourage you to visit the websites at and

I dare you not to call them after that!